Lwallet - all the loyalty cards in your phone

How to use Lwallet?

Inconvenient for you to keep all loyalty cards in your wallet? Do you often forget to take them with you when you go shopping? Lwallet is an e-wallet where you can keep all your loyalty cards.

How to do that? After downloading Lwallet app you need to become a registered user. You can do it quickly and conveniently by using your Facebook profile. Also you can register without Facebook profile by creating Lwallet account with your username and password.

To add your loyalty card to Lwallet you need to enter the number of your loyalty card. After that card is added to your virtual loyalty cards list.

Registration to new loyalty programs is effortless using Lwallet app.

You do not have to fill in your personal data each time anymore. You simply use information from your Lwallet profile. Thus it becomes much easier to register to a new loyalty program even when you are standing in line to pay for purchases.

Lwallet is a communication channel between retailer and customer. You can receive offers and discounts that interest you directly in the app.

You can save the offers that you like or delete ones that you are not interested in. This way you will inform retailer what you are interested in. Accordingly, next time offers will be adjusted to your interests.

Offers at Lwallet environment will not annoy you. You can overview them in common list or grouped under the brand names – when you like it and as you like it.

You can use Lwallet cards while paying for your purchases.

Our developed system is integrated with retailers’ systems, thus we can ensure that virtual loyalty cards will work at the stores. The same discounts and loyalty points will be applied for you with Lwallet as if you were using plastic loyalty card.

For retailers

Lwallet is a mobile loyalty cards wallet developed for the Baltic countries. Lwallet gives new opportunities to reach costumers personally, to involve them into your loyalty program and to personalize their shopping experience. It is an innovative step in expanding your loyalty program.

The solution is developed and maintained by New Vision Baltija. We invite you to join Lwallet retailer network. Retailers who already have their loyalty programs as well as those who do not have it yet are welcomed to participate.

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